Important message for all associates

As we all know, Advantage Solutions and our business units including SAS Retail Services and Retail Odyssey operate in a highly competitive industry. It is not just about delivering results, it is also how we achieve these results. Our reputation is based on a foundation of accountability, integrity and professionalism. We depend on the honesty, fairness and integrity of all of our associates. Honesty in our performance and reporting are critical aspects of the services we provide.

For this reason, any falsified performance, falsification of timekeeping records or any other false reporting (e.g., altered or false photos, false travel records, incorrect number of displays built, incorrect time spent at a store location, etc.) by any associate is not tolerated. In addition to our open door policy, we maintain an anonymous reporting hotline that permits associates to communicate any concerns about unethical behavior, including any concerns regarding false activity or reporting. Here is a link for additional information regarding the hotline, which is also available on the front page of SAS Connects.

Each of us making the right decisions and doing things the right way is essential to delivering for our clients and customers.